Fusion 3.0 LED Curing Light

Published Date 09/20/2013

Big power in small package

I first saw Dentlight?s Fusion 3.0 cordless LED curing light at a trade show, and was intrigued by how powerful the light was and how affordable it was. I decided to try the Fusion 3.0 for its versatility; slim, lightweight design; and ease of use. I haven?t been disappointed.

Powerful and Focused

Certainly economics was a factor when I made the initial purchase. As I?ve used the Fusion 3.0 in everyday practice, however, it?s been the high power output and direct focused beam that have impressed me the most. The Fusion 3.0 puts out a 2700mW/cm2, focused lowdispersion beam for fast, complete bonding. Its curing speed?5 seconds for most composites?is equivalent to much pricier plasma lights. The time savings increases my productivity and makes a big dent in my bottom line.

Easy-to-Use Comfort

The Fusion 3.0 is so compact and lightweight, and I have found it to be very well-balanced and comfortable to hold. Its controls are easy to use and see, and its low-profile curing head fits nicely into most areas of the mouth. Of particular importance to me is the ability to use it cordless or, if needed, with the cord attached to power the light without using the battery. Additionally, the solid metal construction provides shock-proof durability that stands up to frequent use. I also like its modular design, which makes upgrades and servicing very easy. Multi-tasking Performing an oral cancer examination is one of the most important things I can do for my patients. Dentlight offers the DOE oral exam system, which includes a high-contrast switching filter for the Fusion 3.0. The filter makes it easy to conduct this vital component of a proper examination?without a rinse. And with the DOE kit, the Fusion 3.0 also can be used for caries detection, transilluminating to identify hard tissue abnormalities. For both exams, the light differentiates healthy tissue, which fluoresces green, from dark abnormal tissue.

I have several curing lights in my office and seem to use them all about the same. However, in areas requiring a greater depth of cure, or with children, where I need a very fast cure, I rely on my Fusion 3.0. I would recommend the Fusion 3.0 without reservation to my colleagues who are in the market for a high-power, versatile curing light that is economical and so useful in everyday practice.

FUSION LED Curing Light
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