Published Date 04/25/2013


Digital scanning is the future of dentistry. With digital dentistry, conventional impression taking and traditional treatment planning are replaced with real-time, accurate software. I was fortunate to be one of the first iTero adopters when it was released in the US 7 years ago. iTero is now an indispensable part of my practice.

A Great Impression

iTero?s digital scanning produces highly accurate information that a clinician can review in real-time, and includes tools such as measurement, magnification, movement, path of insertion, eraser, grid and more. iTero eliminates the unpleasant patient and dentist experience of conventional impressions. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the schedule slip as voids and missed margins force you to retake impressions. With iTero, if a margin is missed, it only takes a few seconds to add an additional scan view.

Restorative Solutions

iTero offers several restorative solutions. These solutions present an open platform because any restorative material can be used, and any type of restoration can be produced from the scan. iTero restorations use highly accurate urethane models made with milled dies that eliminate discrepancies such as stone die wobble. Accurate metal hinge quadrant articulators provide a precise snap fit for the models, and semi-fixed articulators are fitted with custom attachment rings. In addition, they can be sent to any dental lab. Because they are virtually unbreakable, the models can be used with thermoplastic materials multiple times. iTero STL files also may be used for modeless milled restorations.

Implant Restorations

iTero provides implant restorative features that can help the practice work closely with the laboratory. The generic CAD/CAM file generated from an iTero scan can be exported directly for use in planning and creating precise surgical guides. The iTero file can be merged with files from CBCT scans to create a virtual representation of hard tissue. The planning software allows virtual placement of the implant fixture. The guide can be designed and produced with 3D printing in-house or outsourced to a third party. Invisalign Exclusives Full-arch iTero digital scans can be used for submitting Invisalign records, resulting in significant time savings. There are more than 30 measurement tools and features available exclusively for cases submitted via iTero scanning.

A Practice Cornerstone

Because of digital scanning?s accuracy, restorations are delivered and fit with little or no adjustment, resulting in huge savings. An average GP produces about $500 per hour. If he can save 15 minutes of chair time, that is a savings of $125. If he works 120 days per year and does 1 crown per day, he will save about $16,000 per year. In 2 years, the savings alone will represent the cost of an iTero unit. The iTero digital scanning system has a multitude of benefits and features ranging from restorative solutions to reference models and more. It?s the ?cornerstone? of my practice.

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