From The Podium: CORE-FLO DC Lite

Published Date 06/21/2016

Find out why Ron Kaminer, DDS, believes that CORE-FLO DC Lite:

• Eliminates the risk of marginal gaps.

• Is easy to prepare and cuts similarly to dentin


In short, CORE-FLO DC Lite performs better than advertised. I came to this conclusion quickly after trying it as part of the pre-market testing for BISCO. The entire team of trial users gave it high marks.


This lower-viscosity version of the original COREFLO DC extrudes easily and flows so nicely that I can bond in a post and do the build-up with it, ultimately saving chair time. CORE-FLO DC Lite’s self-leveling viscosity allows it to adapt well, eliminating the risk of marginal gaps. This is so important when replacing dentin with a core build-up.


I also appreciate the fact that it is easy to prepare. CORE-FLO DC Lite cuts very similarly to dentin. My bur doesn’t jump from the natural tooth to the material like other core materials I’ve used, so there’s no danger of nicking the material.


CORE-FLO DC Lite comes in an automix dual syringe that really simplifies dispensing. Additionally, the kit includes BISCO’s Universal Primer, which is also dual-cured for cases where I prefer not to light-cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations.


I would definitely recommend CORE-FLO DC Lite to colleagues as a reliable and multipurpose time-saver.

Core-Flo DC Lite
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