From the Podium: eCement

Published Date 06/21/2016

Find out why David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD, FACE believes that eCEMENT:
• Provides easy, turnkey, effective cementation of IPS e.Max restorations.
• Contains high-quality materials and accessories that work together as a complete system.




Despite the recent meteoric rise in the use of lithium disilicate (IPS e.max*) for anterior and posterior restorations, confusion remains about how to cement these restorations for optimal esthetics, retention, and fracture resistance. Bisco has made it very easy to predictably cement these restorations with its lithium disilicate cementation kit, named appropriately eCEMENT.


Systematic Approach


The eCEMENT kit includes:

• the adhesive agent
• porcelain etch
• dentin and enamel etch
• silane
• anterior light-cure only cement
• posterior dual-cure cement


The nice thing about this kit is that the quality of each of the components is top notch. Often, when a manufacturer puts a cementation kit together, I throw out some of the included components and replace them with ones that I feel are better. This is not the case with the eCEMENT kit.


Etching Excellence


The Porcelain Etchant—4% buffered hydro¬fluoric acid—is used to either re-etch a lithium disilicate restoration after it is returned from the lab as required, or to etch a CAD/CAM restoration designed/milled in the office. In my experience, the etchant’s consistency and handling are excellent.

Select HV Etch w/BAC is my favorite dentin/enamel etch. Its consistency and viscosity are such that it can easily be limited to enamel only for those who are using a self-etching adhesive and want to increase the bond to enamel by etching, yet do not want to get any of the etchant on the dentin. It also contains the antimicrobial agent benzalkonium chloride.


Bonding Universality


The adhesive agent in this kit is AllBond Universal, an ethanol-based single bottle system that can be used with either the total-etch or self-etching techniques. As a proponent of total-etch, I use this adhesive agent in conjunction with etching both the enamel and dentin.


Seating—Just Tack and Wave


Dual-cure posterior eCEMENT works beautifully with a “tack and wave” technique and the excess easily peels away from the restoration margins after waving. The anterior light-cure only eCEMENT comes in 2 shades: Translucent and Milky Bright. It handles great and is easily removed from the margins after using the “tack and wave” technique as well.

(I also like the availability of corresponding Try-In Pastes that allow shade confirmation prior to final cementation.)


All Inclusive


Overall, this is an excellent system. It includes everything you need to bond in a lithium disilicate restoration including microbrushes, mixing wells, and all syringe tips. The instructions are easy to follow with photos and describe the product’s use as a self-etch or a total-etch system. Expiration dates are located on the bottles and syringes, and—while this may seem like a minor thing—they remained visible even after multiple wipes with a surface sterilization solution. With some other products, this information may fade away and, to be on the safe side, we might end up throwing out product that’s still perfectly good to use.


Having all of these trusted products in one kit saves time and money in our practice. Nothing is wasted and we are assured a good result for our patients.

Bisco, Inc
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