Published Date 06/11/2018

As an associate professor of radiology, diagnosis, and treatment planning at the University of Utah School of Dentistry, my students and I perform a higher number of CBCT scans than most general practices, and find the Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid able to handle the higher volume—day in and day out. It serves all of our 3D CBCT needs in a busy dental school, as well as our 2D extraoral radiograph imaging needs, including skull radiographs, panoramic imaging, and bitewing views.


Case in Point
Late one day we received an urgent request for CBCT imaging on a hospital patient who had previously undergone a unilateral mandibular resection and subsequent reconstruction after removal of a malignant tumor. He had presented to the hospital experiencing extreme pain on the resected side. We were able to quickly take a CBCT image with the ProMax 3D Mid and determine from the image that 2 screws had become displaced from the patient’s titanium fixation bar. Because of this robust tool, he received a quick surgical intervention to alleviate his pain.


Maximum Flexibility
We purchased the ProMax 3D Mid because we were looking for a CBCT unit that offered maximum flexibility for volume selection, voxel selection, and minimal radiation exposure to patients. ProMax 3D Mid met all of these requirements, and the Ultra Low Dose imaging protocol exceeded our expectations for minimizing patient radiation dose without reducing image quality.


The unit’s adjustable volume sizes, ranging from 34 × 42 mm to 16 × 16 cm, allow us to optimize the imaging area according to the clinical application. It is the only imaging system I know of that has 3-axis movement capability in the imaging arm. This makes it possible to more accurately customize tube head and sensor tracking to each patient and radiographic view—resulting in both better quality and more diagnostic imaging.


Improved Workflow
CBCT imaging goes very quickly with this unit. Using the scout feature, we are able to accurately preview the volume to be captured and adjust the settings or the patient’s position prior to actually taking the 3D image. The result is virtually no retakes.


Also, because we can take panoramic and extraoral bitewing images on this CBCT machine, we use it to handle overflow during patient screenings when our Planmeca ProMax 2D S3 panoramic is in use.

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