Prep It and Fill It! Esthetic Dentistry Made Easy

Published Date 05/12/2014

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, May 2, 2014 ? ?We can?t fear change! Change is inevitable, especially as new materials are developed.? With more than 230 dental clinicians in attendance, Ron Kaminer, DDS, shared his wisdom on esthetic dentistry at the Updates in Contemporary Dentistry event. 

Dr. Kaminer started with a discussion of how traditional principles in preparation design must evolve to match the prevalence of composite usage today, stating, ?A very good clinical skill set still is required to place composites. Cutting corners in preparation or restoration technique will usually result in some sort of failure.?

Dr. Kaminer said one new important principle to embrace is to think in terms of using ?bioactive and bioconstructive? materials. He describes these as materials, that when placed into the tooth structure, will react in such a way as to strengthen, desensitize, and/or remineralize that existing tooth and or possibly the adjacent tooth.

Another important principle is to know the difference between different types of composites. Dr. Kaminer defines these composite ?classes? as such:

? Micro: great esthetics, poor wear

? Macro: great wear, poor esthetics

? Hybrids: balanced wear and esthetics

? Micro-Hybrids: improved esthetics

? Nano-Hybrids: excellent esthetics/wear

This knowledge can help the clinician apply the right material to a particular problem and avoid troublesome failures.

In an interview with Dental Learning after the lecture, Dr. Kaminer shared some of the materials used in his office to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of dentistry. He uses VOCO?s Futurabond U for it universal bonding versatility and strength; GrandioSO for its reliability and esthetics; and Dimanto polishers to provide a natural-looking luster. He added that Sultan Healthcare?s FlashTips disposable syringe tips help maintain the performance and efficiency of his operatory.

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