Product Focus: SELECT HV ETCH

Published Date 07/14/2016

SELECT HV ETCH’s high-viscosity, vibrant blue material can be used in everyday procedures.

BISCO’s SELECT HV ETCH delivers a smooth, nonstringy material for use in restorative procedures. When using the selective etch or hybrid technique, the material will effectively etch enamel margins without fl owing onto dentin.


According to the manufacturer, SELECT HV ETCH is formulated for maximumworking and handling, pin-point placement, and eliminating run-on onto the dentin surface. During the Dental Product Shopper evaluation, a dentist with 18 years of experience said, “Unlike other products, this material stays exactly where you place it, and the delivery system tends not to clog.” He gave the product an overall rating of excellent and said he would defi nitely recommend it to colleagues or contacts within the dental profession.


SELECT HV ETCH is blue in color for easy visualization and contrast. This unique feature can help clinicians see the product during procedures and remove it when necessary. When asked what he liked best about this product, an evaluator with 25 years of experience said, “The blue color for visualization is very effective during both placement and rinsing of the etchant. SELECT HV ETCH is very easy to use for both selective- and total-etch situations due to its vibrant blue color.”


SELECT HV ETCH can be used for any etching technique: both the selective etch (or hybrid) procedure or everyday total-etch, and it can be removed from the tooth quickly and effi ciently, without leaving a residue. The addition of the antimicrobial agent also leads to a cleaner
fi eld for sealant retention and a better overall outcome.


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SELECT HV ETCH in action in
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