Product Spotlight: ComfortWand

Published Date 07/26/2016

The autoclavable, compact holder is indicated for both vertical and horizontal imaging and is an ideal option when there is limited room.


Every procedure in dentistry has its challenges—even radiographs. Sometimes, with endodontic procedures, you don’t want your patient biting down when taking an image mid procedure. Other times, a young pediatric patient or mentally challenged patient may not fully understand the command to close or bite down on a biteblock. They may release too early or “chew” on the sensor by continually closing and opening their mouth.


DENTSPLY Rinn’s ComfortWand Universal Holder is an autoclavable, compact sensor holder that improves patient comfort and provides the clinician the utmost control in placement. It is not necessary for the patient to close or bite down to get the desired radiograph. The clinician places the sensor behind the tooth of interest, even with the mouth held open. The patient or parent can hold the end of the wand to keep it in position during exposure.


ComfortWand’s soft, elastic strap cushions the hard corners of the sensor, while its universal design works with size 1, 1.5, and 2 sensors. A recessed slot in the handle tames the cord. 


“This particular ComfortWand is a great product,” said Vicki Romans, a registered radiologic technologist and faculty member at Marquette University’s School of Dentistry. “It’s one holder for taking all periapical radiographs. You never have to take the sensor in and out of the holder, which causes the plastic bag to become damaged. Plus, it can fit over any sensor type. It is soft for comfort and less bulky than any other biteblock.”


ComfortWand is available in a single pack or 3-pack. Perhaps DENTSPLY Rinn sums it up best with this description: “You won’t need it every time. But you will need it.”


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