Product Spotlight: FluoroDose Caramel Flavor

Published Date 06/17/2016

Centrix’s FluoroDose varnish is now available in a 5th flavor—Caramel. The 5% sodium fluoride cavity varnish goes on smoothly, not sticky, with no “woolly” feeling. With its single-use LolliPack package, FluoroDose is easy to apply, provides the maximum allowed fluoride dosage, and is FDA-cleared for treating dentinal sensitivity.


FluoroDose dries on contact with saliva, eliminating the worry of fluoride ingestion as well as the need to maintain a dry field or moisture control. The varnish will remain on the tooth for 6 to 8 hours for optimum fluoride uptake.


Each unit contains 1 dose (0.3 mL) of FluoroDose plus 1 Benda Brush applicator, allowing the clinician to mix the varnish prior to application and guaranteeing a consistent level of fluoride in every application. Simply peel back the cover, dip in the brush, mix, and apply. The varnish is available in 4 other flavors: Bubble Gum, Melon, Cherry, and Mint.

FluoroDose® Fluoride Varnish
Centrix, Inc.
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