Product Spotlight - Hydrogum 5

Published Date 10/29/2018
As a clinician, you probably keep a running mental list of products that you just can’t imagine practicing without—whether that list includes technology like lasers and intraoral scanners, or restorative materials like adhesives and composites. That’s certainly the case for Dr. Shalom Mehler, a general dentist practicing in Teaneck, NJ. Included on his list of 10 products he can’t live without is Zhermack’s Hydrogum 5, a dust-free, extra-fast setting alginate that can be used for removable prosthesis and temporary crown-and-bridge impressions.

In his practice, Dr. Mehler uses Hydrogum 5 for preliminary and pickup impressions, as well as partial denture and bite-guard impressions. “This material works well for all of these dental procedures,” he shared. Hydrogum 5’s innovative formula has high dimensional stability that comes from a thixotropic consistency and an elastic recovery rate of 98%.
“The ability to easily capture detail is critical to any type of dental material,” said Dr. Mehler, advising that Hydrogum 5 provides extremely accurate impressions for his patient cases. “I can now take alginate impressions with full confidence in their dimensional stability and accuracy of detail,” he added.
Hydrogum® 5 High Stability Alginate – 1 lb Canister Refill
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