RVG 6100 and Logicon

Published Date 07/26/2013


When it was time to purchase a new digital radiography system for my practice 10 years ago, I took my time to study every system on the market. Because I wanted a system that would best benefit my patients, I chose Carestream Dental's RVG 6100 system along with Logicon Caries Detector software.

Improved Patient Understanding and Time Savings

When diagnosing a patient and explaining treatment options, it is imperative to obtain a quality image in a short amount of time. Using a digital radiography system, we no longer have to wait for film to develop, and sharp, clear images are instantly available on the operatory monitors. Patients can understand their diagnosis better when they can see their problem on a 24-inch monitor rather than a 2-inch piece of film.
Carestream Dental's imaging software has a variety of tools, such as the reverse fields and color palettes, that also improve patient communication because I can tailor an image to suit the patient's visual needs for case understanding and acceptance.
In addition to the excellent image quality, having a digital radiography system such as the RVG 6100 provides huge time savings for my practice. The hygienists no longer have to wait for film to develop, and they save half an hour or more every day, which means I can see 1 more patient or perform 1 more procedure each day.

Hidden Caries Uncovered

When I tried Carestream Dental's Logicon Caries Detector software in 2003, I immediately wanted to integrate it into my practice. Since then, Logicon software has only improved—it finds caries in places I would not have even suspected.
Every time we take a patient's bitewing, we run the software. This saves patients time and money by finding caries in its earliest stages, allowing us to complete small restorations instead of large ones. Using Logicon gives patients an electronic "second opinion." It analyzes tooth density and demineralization patterns, helping me locate interproximal caries and determine if it is in enamel or dentin. And Logicon's graphics and visual aids help me communicate my diagnosis to patients in an easily understandable way.

Thoroughly Productive

From the time I start treatment to the time treatment is completed, I document every patient's case through images. I take a picture of the tooth before beginning a filling, a picture inside the tooth during the treatment to show the decay, a picture after all decay has been removed from the tooth, and a final picture of the tooth after treatment. My goal is to be as thorough as possible, and Logicon software has only helped me to become a better practitioner. I've never had a false positive with the software, and I feel more confident in determining treatment plans for my patients.
Using RVG 6100 sensors and Logicon Caries Detector software has improved my practice's productivity, our communication with patients, and the oral health of my patients. Carestream Dental's RVG 6100 system is the only digital radiography system with Logicon Caries Detector software. I would invest in these products for the patient benefits alone, but fortunately, my practice also benefits in terms of productivity.

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