Select HV Etch

Published Date 06/26/2014

Antimicrobial  etchant* with pinpoint placement for the selective/hybrid technique

I have been using SELECT HV ETCH since its launch in 2011. I noticed it at the ADA annual session and stopped by BISCO's booth to check it out. The electric blue color caught my eye. I knew it would stand out on the teeth for precise placement. I had been using another brand of etchant, but the addition of benzalkonium chloride (BAC) to this 35% phosphoric acid etchant was a strong selling point for me. I wanted that extra antimicrobial protection for all of my restorations.

Easy-to-use Versatility

Using SELECT HV ETCH has made my chairside time much less stressful and more predictable. Because it is highly viscous, SELECT HV ETCH can be delivered with pinpoint precision and it stays where it is placed. The consistency is very smooth and not stringy, so I never have to worry about runny messes or etching the wrong area. The electric blue color stands out and provides excellent contrast with the tooth. I am able to use it for any etching technique: both the select (or hybrid) procedure or everyday total etching. Finally, I can remove SELECT HV ETCH from the tooth quickly and efficiently, without leaving a residue. Even with dental sealant placement, I am able to see the etchant placed into the grooves, knowing that the addition of the antimicrobial agent is also going to lead to a cleaner field for sealant retention and a better overall outcome.

Precision for Class IIs and IIIs

Etching the gingival enamel margin of any posterior restoration without etching dentin is sometimes difficult. With the small amount of enamel present near the cervical area in Class II or Class III restorations, you need to be both specific and highly precise. We have been consistently using SELECT HV ETCH for this purpose. The high viscosity ensures we won't have etch spilling out over the dentin. Again, we appreciate the deep blue color to assure proper placement, especially when working close to dark matrix bands. Similarly, etching the thin gingival enamel on Class V restorations needs accurate placement. The high viscosity of the etch, in addition to its antimicrobial nature, make this product indispensable in our practice.

Team Productivity

My dental assistant loves SELECT HV ETCH for so many reasons. Aside from the fact it is easily visualized, the working time is very quick. We only need 15 seconds for etching the preparation and only a few seconds to rinse away the etch. However, I prefer a thorough 30 second rinse to adequately clean the preparation. She also likes ease of room-temperature storage and inventory control. We have a small office, so storing many boxes of product becomes cumbersome. We purchase the large bulk system kits (30-mL) with the syringes and refill them as needed. We find this is a more "green" way to use the product, as you are refilling the syringes. I know this type of packaging is not for everyone so SELECT HV ETCH is also available in a package of 4 prefilled 5-g syringes. The vivid blue color, the viscosity for precise placement, and the added benefit of an antimicrobial agent are what makes BISCO's SELECT HV ETCH the only etch we need in our practice.

*Inclusion of BAC has not been shown to correlate with a reduction in secondary decay in patients. In-vivo clinical studies to evaluate the effects of BAC on oral bacteria or caries have not been performed.

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