Select HV Etch

Published Date 09/25/2014

Controlled placement for successful selective etching


While BISCO's SELECT HV ETCH delivers a smooth, non-stringy material for everyday total-etch restorative procedures, the high-viscosity 35% phosphoric acid etchant is particularly suited for the "selective etch" or "hybrid" technique. SELECT HV ETCH effectively etches enamel margins without  owing onto dentin.

Ideal Properties

SELECT HV ETCH is thixotropic and highly viscous for accurate pinpoint placement and it stays where it is placed. Its vibrant blue color provides high contrast for easy visualization. To further simplify the technique, SELECT HV ETCH washes off easily and leaves no residue. SELECT HV ETCH contains the non-alcohol antimicrobial agent Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC)*

Wet-Fingered Endorsement

In 2012 SELECT HV ETCH earned a Best Product nod after an evaluation by 13 dentists participating in Dental Product Shopper's peer-to-peer product evaluation program. All 13 evaluators rated viscosity as an important characteristic when purchasing an etchant. They were then asked to rate SELECT HV ETCH's viscosity: 11 evaluators rated it as excellent, 1 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as good. Several evaluators rated viscosity as their favorite feature. An evaluator with 29 years of experience said, I liked the viscosity and the ease of application. One evaluator with 18 years of experience said, "Unlike other products, this material stays exactly where you place it and the delivery system tends not to clog." He gave the product an overall rating of excellent.

Another evaluator added, "Flow seemed more controllable and precise. No spattering, which occurs sometimes [with other products]."

When asked what he liked best about this product, another evaluator with 25 years of experience said, "The blue color for visualization is very effective during both placement and rinsing of the etchant. SELECT HV ETCH is very easy to use for both selective and total etch situations due to its vibrant blue color."

Convenience and Efficacy

SELECT HV ETCH is an effective pre-bonding surface conditioner with a 15-second etch for both total and selective etch techniques. It also can be used as a cleaning agent on restorative materials with a 30-second exposure. Bisco supplies SELECT HV ETCH in a convenient bulk syringe with disposable syringes. It also is available in a 5-gram syringe.

*SELECT HV ETCH is available in a non- BAC version in select markets outside the U.S

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