StarDental Product Line ? 100th Anniversary

Published Date 10/26/2011

StarDental Product Line ? 100th Anniversary

The StarDental product line from DENTALEZ Group celebrates a century of durable handpieces and eco-friendly products.

Celebrating 100 years of success, the StarDental product line, a part of DENTALEZ Group, provides a variety of innovative and reliable handpieces for the dental profession. Launched in 1911, StarDental offers an extensive collection of high-speed, low-speed, and hygiene handpieces. The product line also includes high-quality handpiece accessories for everyday use. In March 2011, StarDental acquired Identafi, a unique oral cancer screening device that uses 3 color wavelengths to detect lesion morphology and vasculature.

A Century of Successful Products

Over the last century, StarDental has produced leading handpieces that are praised for their strength and durability. The 430 Series and Solara Series are 2 premier high-speed handpieces. Both products use ceramic bearings that are 25% harder than stainless steel for better resistance to damage from debris entering the turbine. The ceramic bearings are also 50% lighter than stainless steel for reduced friction with bearing retainers.

StarDental?s Titan 3 and Titan-T low-speed handpieces perform well under torque load while reducing related costs. The handpieces use LubeFree straight nose cones, motor-to-angle adaptors, and torque multipliers to reduce maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication. The handpiece angles minimize operator downtime and reduce costs compared to other handpieces.

StarDental?s hygiene collection includes Prophy Star 3, a lightweight, sturdy handpiece made from anodized aluminum. Prophy Star 3 offers less stress and fatigue for operators than other prophy handpieces, and it saves time and money with its Lube- Free system.

In October 2009, Dental Product Shopper evaluated StarDental?s NuTorque electric handpiece. The product received a Recommended rating from the 11 dentists who participated in the evaluation. One prosthodontist called NuTorque?s pre-sets ?extremely intuitive?great and easy to change.?

Sonic Scaler is another StarDental innovation that is clinically proven to effectively remove hard calculus deposits and stains on teeth.

With these products and many others, StarDental revolutionizes the dental industry with a constant flow of new and improved materials.

StarDental Impacts Dentistry? And the Environment

With a longstanding history of innovative products, StarDental continues to impact dentistry with cutting-edge technologies and bright ideas. DENTALEZ, StarDental?s manufacturer, promotes eco-friendly products with its Going Green campaign.

?StarDental and its parent company have been a leader in moving toward greener products,? StarDental Senior Product Manager Rick Gross said.

The company pioneered LubeFree handpieces, providing an easy, cost-effective, and green solution to lubricating products. Using LubeFree eliminates health risks often associated with residual lubricant expelling into the oral cavity and operatory environment. Lube- Free handpieces help the environment by substantially reducing the waste created by additional oil cans.

StarDental developed several energy- efficient products that conserve light and power in dental practices, including the StarDental StarBright Fiber Optic System, and StarDental StarBright LED Swivel and Replacement Bulbs.

The StarDental StarBright Fiber Optic System features a new switching power supply that eliminates up to 75% of energy used by traditional power supplies. It works by only drawing electricity when called for. A significant amount of energy is conserved because the system cuts no-load losses in charger applications by up to 97%.

StarDental StarBright LED Swivel and Replacement Bulbs complement the Going Green line with energy-efficient bulbs that last 10 times longer than halogen bulbs.

Celebrating 100 Years

DENTALEZ Group?s StarDental product line proudly celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year. Corporate executives and employees recently honored StarDental?s achievements at the company?s headquarters in Lancaster, PA. During the celebration, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented DENTALEZ Group Owner Jeffrey Perelman with a commemorative plaque.

The Future of StarDental

With a century of successful products behind it, StarDental continues to look ahead to new and innovative products. The company continues to advance the dental profession with its handpieces, oral cancer screening device, and Going Green products.

?StarDental continues to strive to develop products and services that emphasize keeping the patient healthy rather than finding disease,? Gross said.

?We are as committed today as we were 100 years ago to establishing new industry standards for design, quality, and service to the community and our profession,? DENTALEZ Owner Jeffrey Perelman said. ?We hope to be of service here in Lancaster for 100 more years.?

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