In Vivo Measurement of Colour Changes in 1600 Natural Teeth with Polo Office + (SDI, Australia): Spectrophotometric Shade Analysis

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Published Date 07/11/2016
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Dr. I. Franchi, Prof. M. Franchi, Prof. S. Bartolini, Prof. U.Consolo, L. Chou 


he aim of the study was fo evaluate the efficocy of professional teeth whit¬≠ening treatment using the Polo Office+ system {SDI Ltd.): the shade, chroma and value parameters of the anterior teeth were analyzed. 
One hundred patients were selected ot the Prosthetic Department of Modena and Reggio Emilia University. All patients underwent orol hygiene treatment and spectrophotometric analysis (Specfro Shade) of the 8 front upper and 8 lower teeth: the variables L {value), c (chroma}, and h {shade) were measured. 


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Pola Tray Material Refill 1 mm, 20 Piece
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