Why I Use... Planmeca Emerald

Author : Craig Vinkovich, DDS
Published Date 06/07/2018
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One of the reasons our practice purchased the Planmeca Emerald was because of company loyalty. Prior to using it, I had an older intraoral scanner and we were already using the Planmeca PlanMill. Plus, the Planmeca Emerald’s new software and camera make scanning quicker and easier. Specifically, the stitching of arches in “bite” mode is quicker. Overall, this scanner is lighter, faster, and produces color images that are sharper—resulting in easier margin identification.

A key feature I look for in a scanner is accuracy, and the detail from the Planmeca Emerald scanner is beautiful. It provides great HD color scans. Another must-have feature is ease of use. The scanner itself is smaller and lighter than the previous model, making accessibility and maneuverability easier in the mouth. Lastly, reliability is extremely important. The software and cables used to connect the camera to the computer are noticeably more consistent.

Using Planmeca Emerald has already had a profound effect on my workflow. The most notable difference is a marked decrease in emergency appointments from either temporary remakes or temporary cements, but I’m sure there are more benefits to come. Besides the new software and camera, I’m excited to learn how to prescan diagnostic wax-ups that have been tested in the mouth via mockups, and then duplicate them into permanent ceramic restorations.

Planmeca Emerald makes the digital workflow easy—not only through its enhanced speed and accuracy— but by offering the ability to scan at multiple workstations. Going digital takes a real commitment to decide to leave your comfort zone and commit to digital dentistry. If dentists take this plunge and fight through the learning curve, they will find that digital dentistry is not only fun and appreciated by patients, but it also opens up avenues of esthetics that are only available through chairside scanning and milling.


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