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Published Date 08/16/2016


Dentrix Enterprise by Henry Schein is a software solution for large-group and multi-site dental practices that tackles complex issues of centralizing and streamlining data with ease. Gregory Heintschel, DDS, MBA, is the President and CEO of My Community Dental Centers (MCDC), a Michigan non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing dental services to Medicaid enrollees and low-income uninsured residents throughout the state of Michigan. Below, Dr. Heintschel explains how Dentrix Enterprise has grown with the organization over the last 9 years.

Before adopting Dentrix Enterprise, we made little use of an electronic record at all, other than filing for insurance purposes. Most of our operations were driven by paper—paper scheduling, paper accounting, paper patient files, and non-digital radiographs. Our research and existing partnership with Henry Schein led us to discover Dentrix Enterprise.

From my experience, there are 5 main advantages of using Dentrix Enterprise in a multi-site practice:

  1. 1. Scalability – Ten years ago, we were 8 offices. Today, we’re closing in on our 30th office. Dentrix Enterprise has been able to scale with us. For instance, if we change fees in our system, we can do that centrally so each office doesn’t have to fend for itself.

  2. 2. Centralized patient records – We have quite a bit of migration of patients among our offices because they, for the most part, serve the underserved. With Dentrix Enterprise’s centralized patient record, any one of our dentists in any one of our facilities can have immediate access to any patient record.

  3. 3. Intuitive design – We needed a product that was easy to use, visually appealing, and somewhat intuitive. Dentrix Enterprise brings that to the table, especially with enhancements in the last couple of years. Their recent improvements have made it quicker and easier to get to the information we need by pressing fewer buttons. This is important to us considering we have 400 employees with varying levels of experience.

  4. 4. Professional Services Team (PST) – This unique feature allows us to customize our platform according to our needs. Sometimes there are things no one else in the world is asking for, but our organization asks Dentrix Enterprise and they’ll give us an estimate to build that customization. We’ve worked with PST on a number of things that have been incorporated, and some of those features that were put in just for us are now selling points for their product across the board.

  5. 5. Strong reports –We keep an eye on other software programs in the market, and as far as we know, Dentrix Enterprise continues to have the strongest reporting component with its ability to run thousands of unique reports. We have also been able to develop a series of customized internal dashboards to pull information directly from Dentrix Enterprise into our dashboard to give us real-time information. With this centralized record, we can compare the functions of the offices within our network, identify best practices, and standardize those processes across the board.


When looking at software solutions, I recommend that dentists consider the scalability and the strength of the company behind the program. Dentrix Enterprise has proven it’s scalable with growth, and it’s supported by Henry Schein, a Fortune 500 company and partner for the long haul. Based on its ability to meet our current needs and challenges, Dentrix Enterprise remains our go-to software solution.


About Gregory Heintschel, DDS, MBA

Dr. Heintschel has been an educator, lecturer, author, consultant, and mentor to hundreds of dentists. He is deeply concerned about increasing access to quality dental care for all residents of Michigan and his current position as President and CEO of MCDC has him immersed in that issue on a daily basis. Before joining MCDC, Dr. Heintschel was recognized by his peers with the Cosmetic Practice of the Year award, a national award recognizing one general dentist in the country who has demonstrated the highest clinical and business skills in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Heintschel currently holds an adjunct faculty position at University of Michigan Dental School, and has recently published an article titled “Clinical and Administrative Policies and Procedures for the Dental Office.” 

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