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Published Date 09/12/2016

Streamlined workflow, versatility, quality components, and head-turning design combine in a new-age delivery system


Last fall, Sirona introduced 2 of its treatment centers, long popular with the global market, to U.S. dentists. The TENEO and INTEGO treatment centers represent a blending of contemporary European design and delivery style with feature-rich high-tech automation and ease of use. Initially attracted by the dramatic appearance, Dr. Ryan O’Neill was impressed with TENEO’s all-encompassing functionality and chose it as the clinical centerpiece when building the new 3rd location of his busy Nashville practice. 


The TENEO Treatment Center has turned out to be perfect for the way I practice and the wide range of services I provide, but I literally discovered it by accident. I was visiting Dentsply Sirona’s Charlotte headquarters to test-drive a milling machine for my practice’s in-house lab. While waiting for a rep in the showroom, I couldn’t stop looking at the TENEO. It was unique and different from any unit I’d ever seen. I wasn’t in the market for a treatment center then, but after the milling demo, I asked and got a tour of the TENEO.


Simplified Workflow

With TENEO’s comprehensive instrument delivery and Easy Touch user interface, my workflow has been dramatically simplified. Even if you don’t perform advanced specialty procedures on a daily basis, TENEO consistently saves valuable chair time when normal procedures turn into more complex treatment—a common occurrence. You don’t have to run to the supply room or sterilization area to gather more instruments. Everything is ready when I need it. And all instrument settings are pre-programmed and automatic, so I don’t have to spend time adjusting my settings. The office with the TENEO-equipped operatory is the centrally located site for our practice, which now has 4 offices in the area. This office is our first location that we designed entirely around the patient experience, as the TENEO allows the patient to receive faster, more comfortable dentistry.


Patient Pleaser

I never really thought that a treatment center could make or break the patient experience, but TENEO definitely does. Patients love it. I especially enjoy their reaction when they first see it. They call it “space-age” and “high-tech.” They’re really impressed with features like the pre-programmed headrest position and, of course, the comfort. Patient education is a big part of the way I practice, and the TENEO story is pretty powerful. It reduces chair time for the patient with a streamlined workflow. It incorporates patient-focused features like a safety stop for endo files. It complements our infection-control protocol with its wireless and hands-free features. And it lets me focus solely on the patients with fewer distractions.

About Ryan O'Neill, DMD 
Dr. O'Neill earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Alabama before receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry in 2012. Upon graduation, he moved to Nashville, TN, purchased a small practice out of school, and founded Tennessee Family Dental, which has since expanded to 4 locations throughout Tennessee. Dr. O'Neill focuses primarily on dental implants, 3D imaging, and sleep apnea treatment. Currently, he uses both the TENEO and INTEGO treatment centers in his private practice. 

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