AXESS™ Low Profile Nasal Mask

Product Description

Axess to Hard-to-Reach Areas 

  • Low profile design provides unencumbered access to the oral cavity
  • Small, lightweight scavenging system is easy to work around
  • Enables clinicians to deliver excellent, efficient care

Axess to Greater Patient Comfort

  • Fits snugly without tape or uncomfortable tubes protruding into the patient’s nostril
  • Lightweight, autoclavable scavenging circuit minimizes drag and pull enhancing patient comfort
  • Available in scented and unscented
  • Minimizes clinical team’s exposure to ambient nitrous oxide gas

Axess to Excellent Care

  • Translucent design allows visual monitoring of patient’s breathing
  • Individually wrapped for greater infection protection
  • Significantly lower cost than competing single-use disposable nasal masks
  • Single-use minimizes cross-contamination; saves staff time

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AXESS™ Low Profile Nasal Mask
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