BeautiBond 6.0 mL Bottle

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Unique dual-functioning monomers (phosphonic acid and carboxylic acid) work independently, achieving equal bond strength to dentin and enamel comparable to 6th generation adhesives. Unlike other adhesives, BeautiBond has an ultra-low film thickness of 5µm providing indistinguishable margins. With 1 application, no agitation required, and a brief 30 second application time, bonding has never been easier. The 6mL bottle is expected to reach distributors by February 2012 and will be priced the same as the unit dose box.




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Beautiful bonding without the etch
I have been using this bonding agent for the past three months. There are no reported post-op sensitivities from patients. I like the fact that I do not have to etch, especially with the pediatric population. It is a great way to place sealants without worrying about getting the etch on the patient's soft tissue. Also, I feel secured that the sealant will last longer as well. A small drop goes a long way, if you apply it carefully. The solution is thin and spreads easily. Little excess flash is noted after finishing. The provided well is small and narrow which prevents the solution from drying up quickly. It is important to let your staff know that only a small drop is needed and that after placement into the prep surfaces, no agitation is necessary, wait ten seconds before air thinning gently and cure thereafter.
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BeautiBond 6.0 mL Bottle
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