Beautifil Flow Plus X

Product Description

Beautifil Flow Plus X is a bioactive injectable hybrid restorative with a newly developed patented nano S-PRG filler. It has all of the Giomer chemistry attributes, including fluoride release and recharge, with improved handling and effortless polishing maintaining a long-lasting shine. This self-leveling flowable has the strength, durability and aesthetics of a hybrid composite.

Key Features:
•Achieves more surface gloss in less time
•Improved handling
•Stackable and sculptable, stays put after placement
•Esthetically blends with natural tooth
•High compressive strength of 358 MPa and flexural strength of 120 MPa
•Low wear resistance and shrinkage
•Indicated for anterior and posterior teeth on pediatric and adult dentition, Classes I-V




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Beautifil Flow Plus X
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