BeeSure Face Mask with Peppermint Scent

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BeeSure face masks come in a style with a light peppermint scent for a refreshing wearing experience. Dye-free, chemical-free and soft comfort cellulose inner layer. 100% latex-free and fiberglass-free filter layers. Provides a secure protection with particle filtration efficiency that is greater than 98%.




EcoBee Makes It Easier to Be Green

It’s not easy being green—or at least it’s not always affordable. EcoBee aims to protect and preserve the environment by using recycled materials in both products and packaging. This manufacturer believes being green should not come at a higher cost, and dentists and hygienists who use green productions should be rewarded for their conservation efforts.  As someone who hoards cans and bottles until I find a recycling bin, I was particularly interested to learn more about EcoBee’s BeeGreener Campaign. I caught up with Alen Kwong, a spokesman for the brand, to find out more about the products and the...

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These masks are one of the best the office has tried. No sensitivity to the skin.Love them.
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BeeSure Face Mask with Peppermint Scent
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