BeeSure Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves

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The microtextured surface and controlled production process ensure these gloves deliver consistent grip under all operating conditions. These gloves contain 50 ?g or less of total water extractable protein per gram and are powder-free to minimize exposure to allergens and irritants.




EcoBee Makes It Easier to Be Green

EcoBee aims to protect and preserve the environment by using recycled materials in both products and packaging. This manufacturer believes being green should not come at a higher cost, and dentists and hygienists who use green productions should be rewarded for their conservation efforts. ...

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I can definitely Beesure
I have a thumb that doesn't fit correctly to the gloves that everyone else in the office wears. By the end of the day my thumb aches! Pretty scary as a hygienist. Then it dawned on me that it may be the gloves I was using. After trying many, many samples, I finally found a glove that fit comfortably and had great texture! They are also thin enough to allow good tactile sensitivity. Trying to be more eco- friendly is also a plus. Love 'em!
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I recently had to switch gloves due to a change in manufacturing. I have a thumb that, shall I say, is hard to fit. After trying MANY different brands, BeeSure is the glove that I am able to wear without my thumb hurting by the end of the day.. I also like that the brand is trying to be eco friendly! every little bit helps!! Remember to recycle the box!
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BeeSure Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves
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