BeeSure Slim Powder Free Nitrile

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The textured fingertips of these gloves provide excellent grip under all operating conditions. With 200 gloves per box (by weight), these gloves have 40% less packaging material and are environmentally friendly.




EcoBee Makes It Easier to Be Green

It’s not easy being green—or at least it’s not always affordable. EcoBee aims to protect and preserve the environment by using recycled materials in both products and packaging. This manufacturer believes being green should not come at a higher cost, and dentists and hygienists who use green productions should be rewarded for their conservation efforts.  As someone who hoards cans and bottles until I find a recycling bin, I was particularly interested to learn more about EcoBee’s BeeGreener Campaign. I caught up with Alen Kwong, a spokesman for the brand, to find out more about the products and the...

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Assistant Manager
They are cost effective. They feel good on. They do fit small to size though. For several members of our staff the small was to big, but too small for some. Not true to size.
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BeeSure slim gloves
One of my all time favorites. Great fit, thin, good grip.
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BeeSure Slim Powder Free Nitrile
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