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Product Description
BioCem™ is the first adhesive luting cement that combines impressive bioactive benefits with powerful bonding and convenience. Independent university studies show that BioCem™ delivers impressive bond strength between dentin and both zirconia and ceramic crowns.

Unlike even the most advanced resin and resin modified glass ionomer cements, BioCem™ forms hydroxyapatite that is available to integrate with and replenish tooth structure. Additionally, it releases not just fluoride and phosphate, but calcium ions into the oral environment. BioCem™ is also superior to the newest calcium aluminate-based cements, which can be wasteful and difficult to handle and do not release phosphate ions or advertise any fluoride release.

Designed for simplicity and to minimize waste, BioCem™ is an easy-to-use dual paste formulation packaged in a multi-application disposable syringe supplied with low-waste auto-mix tips. Furthermore, it is not necessary to prime the tooth or zirconia restorations. As a result, BioCem™ delivers exceptional convenience as well as time and cost savings.

BioCem™ is the ultimate universal cement, delivering superior bond strength in the most popular anterior and posterior full-coverage esthetic restorations, as well as unsurpassed bioactivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Superior Bond Strength to Zirconia & Ceramic Crowns
• Superior bonding to zirconia when compared to other leading cements
• Comparable results when bonding to ceramic crowns

The Benefits of Bioactivity
• Forms hydroxyapatite, available to integrate with and replenish tooth structure
• Releases phosphate, calcium and fluoride ions into the oral environment


NuSmile’s BioCem Universal BioActive Cement is a high performance luting cement with unique bioactive components that form hydroxyapatite, which is available to integrate with and replenish tooth structure. “BioCem’s ease of use, ease of cleanup, dual cure and radiopaque properties make it a very attractive product to use. The fact that it is antimicrobial and bioactive adds further benefit,” reported a general dentist who evaluated NuSmile’s BioCem. Fourteen dentists–6 prosthodontists, 7 general dentists, and 1 pediatric dentist–evaluated...

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Evaluator Perspective: Product Enlightenment

Dr. Robert A. Milner attends the California Dental Association event to explore new dental products that will benefit both his practice and his patients. He stops by three different booths, Biocem, Denmat, and Kettenbach. See what he discovers....

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From the Press Room: NuSmile’s BioCem

NuSmile hosted a press conference—led by Mark Binford, Senior Vice President of Product Development—on Thursday, February 26, to highlight its major breakthrough in cements: BioCem, a universal bioactive cement for ceramic restorations that launched earlier this month. The presentation was titled "What’s Inside Matters", focusing heavily on pediatric dentistry and...

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Why I Use...: BioCem

The biological properties of this hydrophilic yet water-insoluble cement are very kind to the living tooth. The balance presents a neutral environment that is non-irritating to nearby pulp, providing additional power to the dentinal tubules. NuSmile refers to this effect as “CemBiotic.”   BioCem is radiopaque, extremely easy...

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From The Podium: BioCem

HOWARD S. GLAZER, DDS In addition to maintaining a comprehensive general practice in Fort Lee, NJ, Dr. Glazer is an international speaker and author. He is a Fellow and Past President of the Academy of General Dentistry and former Assistant Clinical Professor in Dentistry at the Albert Einstein College...

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BioCem in Pediatric Dentistry
Great Product. I have been using BioCem for the past 6 months as luting media for all purposes including Zirconia, stainless steel and orthodontic bands. It has fewer failures and had better handling properties than any cement I have ever used.
from San Francisco,  
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BioCem Universal BioActive Cement
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