Biofreeze®, 16 oz Pump Bottle - 16 oz Pump Bottle

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Designed specifically for health professionals and their patients; allows for continuous pain relief between office visits. Provides more pain relief than conventional gels or sprays Ilex herbal extract allows for deep, long-lasting pain relief Greaseless and stainless; can be used with other gels, lotions and oils Enhances therapy and decreases pain from range of motion and resistive exercises




Give Your Patients Something to Smile About!

Here's How to Make Your Dental Office A Little More Fun  Believe it or not, my kids have always loved going to the dentist.  I suspect it has something to do with the fabulous prize they get to choose at the end of the appointment. Before her last dentist appointment, my daughter actually told me “I can’t wait to go to the dentist!”  I had to feel her forehead to make sure she wasn’t running a fever.   When faced with an unpleasant experience, people often joke that...

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Biofreeze®, 16 oz Pump Bottle - 16 oz Pump Bottle
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