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BioHorizons Laser-Lok technology is a series of precision-engineered cell-sized channels laser-machined onto the surface of dental implants and abutments. Exemplifying BioHorizons dedication to evidence-based research and development, it is unlike any other dental abutment or implant surface treatment on the market. The Laser-Lok surface treatment is a proprietary technology developed from over 20 years of research initiated to create the optimal implant surface. Through this research, the unique Laser-Lok surface has been shown to elicit a biologic response that includes the inhibition of epithelial downgrowth and the attachment of connective tissue (unlike Sharpey fibers). This physical attachment produces a biologic seal around the implant that protects and maintains crestal bone health. The Laser-Lok phenomenon has been shown in post-market studies to be more effective than other implant designs in reducing bone loss.


Case Study

Case Study

Full-Mouth Reconstruction with Implants and Fixed Bridges

The patient presented with multiple caries and localized periodontal disease. He was severely apprehensive and had not been to the dentist in more than 20 years. Because of pain and discomfort, the patient realized it was time to get treatment. Using the Internet, he sought treatment in a practice where he could be sedated and have all the necessary surgical treatment performed at one site, by one provider, and in the least amount of appointments. Ultimately, he found my practice and gained the courage to present for an evaluation. From the initial visit, it was apparent that not only was...

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Biohorizons Laser-Lok
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