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Offering a 50-second kill time for TB, BioSURF is the fastest hard-surface disinfectant according to PureLife Dental. In addition, this multipurpose disinfectant kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi in less than a minute. The fast-acting BioSURF allows the clinician to turn over the operatory quickly, without sacrificing proper infection control standards. BioSURF’s 1-step cleaning and disinfection protocol ensures that all hard surfaces are clean and sterile as quickly as possible. It also doubles as a 1-minute immersion disinfectant for items that cannot be put in the autoclave, offering the practice the versatility to adapt to any situation. BioSURF features a nontoxic formula that makes it a safe solution for staff, patients, and the environment. Clinicians do not need to wear a mask or gloves while using it, according to PureLife. This helps the practice to save both supplies and staff time, which equates to cost-savings. —Bob Alaburda




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