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3M Unitek Makes the Big Screen in This Week’s Lifetime Series’ Episode

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Need an excuse to watch TV this week? An Ohio orthodontist and her practice will be featured in Thursday morning’s episode of Lifetime channel’s “Designing Spaces”, which will explore the practice’s use of 3M Unitek products.

In an interview with her local media, Dr. Lisa Alvetro of Alvetro Orthodontics said that she and her practice got involved with the TV show—which focuses on home improvement in spaces people live, work, and play—through 3M Unitek, particularly because she has been teaching orthodontists worldwide on their behalf during the last 7 years and has helped the company in researching and developing new products.

“The program shows different options for orthodontic treatment,” Alvetro said. “It highlights Clarity Advanced (tooth-colored braces), Incognito (braces that are placed behind the teeth), and Forsus Class II Correctors (an alternative to wearing headgear).”

Forty-one patients and their families—all of whom were already using Unitek braces or adhesives— were invited to Alvetro’s office to be part of the 2 days of filming.

Catch this episode of “Designing Spaces” at 7:00 am ET/PT on Thursday, April 9 and Friday, May 1.

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