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5 Reasons (+1) to use Ceramir Crown and Bridge Cement


I’ve known Dr. Ron Kaminer for years. Probably more years than either of us would like to admit. Over that time, I’ve come to trust him when I have clinical questions. He’s always quick to respond and he offers great insight into products, procedures, technology…just about all things dental. In a recent conversation, he filled me in on the top 5 reasons why he would recommend Ceramir crown and bridge cement from Doxa. Here’s what he said.

1. Bonds to zirconia and e.max without any primers.

2. Simple clean-up. At the 3-minute mark, Ceramir peels off easily.

3. High pH means no acid base reaction so no sensitivity. In fact, it actually will quiet down a tooth that is sensitive with the temporary on.

4. Anti caries. The high pH makes teeth more impermeable to acid-loving bacteria.

5. Gets stronger over time. The cement bond increases in strength over 90 days.

Bonus reason—the new QuickCaps delivery system eliminates capsule activation, making it even easier to use.

For more peer-to-peer reviews of Ceramir, read the Dental Product Shopper evaluation here and clinician testimonials here.

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