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Advanced Technology Escalates Dental Cements Market

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In 2013, dental cements experienced the fastest market growth rate of all dental materials, in part because of technological advancements in cements and bonding agents, according to a report by iData Research, U.S. Dental Materials Market 2014.

The dental materials market includes segments for cements, impression materials, direct restorative materials, bonding agents, core build-up materials and dental local anesthetics. In the United States, the market for dental materials grew to $1 billion in 2013, mostly due to a surge in direct restoratives and advancements in technology in dental cements and bonding agents.  

Digital Dentistry Show summarizes the iData research on its website and reports that more esthetic and easy-to-use materials - such as composite resin and glass ionomer and resin-modified glass ionomer cement - are replacing traditional materials such as zinc polycarboxylate and zinc phosphate.

The report, which pertains to a forecast period of 10 years (2010-2020), predicts that the trend will continue through 2020, when composites will comprise more than half of all dental cement unit sales.

Dental materials are continuously evolving to improve the workflow of dentists and increase the comfort of patients.  Consequently, the dental materials industry, including the sale of dental cements, will remain vibrantly competitive in product price, research and development and market and unit share in the immediate future.





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