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Appointment Confirmation—Reach All of Your Patients Automatically


How do you keep your patients coming back? Make it as easy as possible to meet them where they are—online, on their phones, even through the mail. Lighthouse 360®, an award-winning automated communication system, allows you and your staff to stay in touch with your patients so they don’t miss appointments and you’re not scrambling to fill open slots.

While it’s true that most patients now prefer email or text messages, as every dental practice knows, some still prefer (or require) a phone call or postcard to remind them of their appointment. Lighthouse 360 makes it easy to reach 100% of your patients based on their preferences with the right combination of email, two-way text, automated phone calls, postcards, and letters. In fact, using Lighthouse 360 can help reduce no-shows by up to 86%!

Of course, the goal is to make dentistry convenient for patients – and this is particularly true for families who are juggling multiple appointments. For example, if a family with 3 children are all scheduled for an appointment on the same day, you don’t want the parent receiving 3 different messages that they have to reply to individually. Lighthouse 360 makes it possible to group all those reminders into one message that includes the whole family.

Best of all patients can easily confirm appointments right from their phone or computer – which automatically updates your schedule. And because Lighthouse 360 syncs with your PMS every 10 minutes (more than any other patient communication system), you’re always up to date and on the same page with your patients.

By meeting your patients where they are and making it easy for them to schedule and confirm appointments, you reinforce the value you place on each of them.

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