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Are All Toothbrushes the Same?

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As a dental professional, one of your goals is to ensure your patients are well informed about how best to maintain their oral health at home. You recommend routines and techniques to ensure patients brush their teeth properly, floss regularly, and eat a healthy diet. I would guess that you also recommend some homecare products to your patients, either overtly by directly telling patients what you think is best or more subtly by what you include in their goodie bag at the end of a visit.

When you do recommend a product, like a toothbrush, say, you may get push back from patients who argue that all toothbrushes are the same and who cares. Wouldn’t you like to be armed with information that can help explain your recommendation?

Sunstar Americas’ GUM line of toothbrushes (like the GUM Technique Deep Clean Brush) offers good proof of their efficacy. For example, they have extremely tapered bristles. The top 6 mm of each bristle are tapered to a round 0.01 mm end. Most other brushes have less than a 0.5 mm taper to 0.02 mm. This extreme tapering makes it possible for the bristles to penetrate about 2.8 mm into the sulcus, as well as along the gingival margin and interproximally.

The grip on the handle of the brush (the patented Quad-Grip) makes it easy for patients to hold the brush using the modified Bass technique at 45 degrees, no matter which quadrant they’re brushing.

When you can offer this kind of support for your toothbrush recommendations, you’re patients will probably be pretty impressed. Better yet, you will have offered them a choice you know will actually improve their home oral care.

Click here for a head-to-head toothbrush comparison.

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