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Are You Fabricating Mouthguards in Your Practice?


Growing up, I thought all sports mouthguards were those hard pre-fabricated things with sharp edges. Of course, that was back in the 1970s, so things have changed. I know that my dentist makes these appliances right in his office. And while my kid (and I) have no athletic ability whatsoever and don’t have a need for mouthguards, I’ve talked to other parents who say that it makes a huge difference when you can get custom guards right from the dentist. They fit properly for the most safety and they’re comfortable.

The Drufomat comes with a Quick Connection Kit, how-to manual and DVD, plastic guides, and an assortment of plastics.

Click here to for a how-to guide for making dual layer sports mouthguards and here to see how to make combination hard/soft nightguard.

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