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Behind the Scenes with DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend


During the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Henry Schein announced the availability of DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend. This innovative software is a cloud-based imaging solution built exclusively for Dentrix Ascend to help quickly capture and store images to the cloud. It eliminates the need for additional imaging software and automating daily procedures, such as insurance billing.

Dental Product Shopper had the opportunity to experience a live demonstration of the software in Chicago. Product Manager Adam McDaniel discussed DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend’s 3 unique features:  

1. GPS workflow – Even if a dentist has multiple practices, images are assigned to the appropriate patient file at the correct location. Since the system is cloud-based, patient x-rays and intra-oral images are available to all authorized devices and users on the system from any location, saving time for clinical procedures. McDaniel told DPS that based on feedback he has received from dentists, this technology can save a practice thousands per year—money lost when radiographs are lost in the day-to-day shuffle. 

2. Natural User Interface (NUI) – The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to complete daily tasks, allowing the user to get more done in less time. It eliminates the need for practices to open a separate application to capture, store, and manipulate images.

3. Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI) – You’ve heard the saying “work smarter, not harder.” Built-in TAMI automates repetitive tasks. This helps practitioners maintain patient clinical history and improve insurance and billing workflow.

With DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend, the emphasis is on driving workflow. Combining imaging and practice management is the future—it just makes sense given today’s technology.   

“DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend has helped make our practice’s insurance billing more efficient,” said Dr. Mau Nguyen of California, an early adopter. “I also really like having the ability to remotely view, with clarity, an x-ray from anywhere when consulting with patients or colleagues.”

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