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Bite-Chek—The Film Advantage

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Bite-Chek articulation film from Microcopy offers an advantage over articulation paper. Unlike paper, which can be much thicker, the thinness of Bite-Chek makes it easier for patients to closely completely, removing the possibility of mandibular reflexes distorting the occlusion. What you get is a small, accurate mark that makes it easier for you to figure out what adjustments you need to make.

The photo to the right details all of the other features that were designed into Bite-Chek, including a handle that’s easy to grip so you don’t need to use forceps, a handle that keeps the film flat, and curved design. In addition, the film stretches when needed but won’t snap back or tear and, because it’s double sided, you can mark both arches at the same time

You can try this product out for yourself by clicking  here to order a sample.

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