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From "Smart" Guard to Smart Phone!

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A group of Irish researchers has invented an intelligent mouth guard that senses whether a patient grinds his teeth at night and will send helpful information to a dentist and a smartphone.

Millions of adults and children grind their teeth, and the ADA reports that bruxism can cause headaches, jaw soreness, painful or loose teeth and fractured teeth.  Mouth guards can protect the teeth from damage caused by bruxism, but not everyone is aware that they’re grinding their teeth.

As reported in the Irish Times, researchers have developed a “smart” mouth guard called SmartSplint which senses teeth grinding data while a patient wears the splint at night. The data is sent to an app on a smart phone and to the patient’s dentist, who will interpret the results. Armed with this information, patients can monitor their grinding and perhaps determine the cause and manage their lifestyle.

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