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Can You Afford a Dental Microscope? The Answer May Surprise You


Recently, a couple of dentist friends of mine were talking about dental microscopes. I sat and listened while they discussed the reasons why they would like to have a microscope in their practices—better visualization in the oral cavity, varying levels of magnification, improved ergonomics, and on and on. But then they summed it all up by saying that they just couldn’t afford it.

As it turns out, the Alpha Air Scope from Seiler Precision Microscope might just be the answer. This very affordable microscope offers everything dental professionals want in a microscope, including 3 or 6 step magnification (Alpha Air 3 Dental and Alpha Air 6 Dental), a 250 mm objective lens, an LED illumination system, 50,000 hours of life, a limited lifetime warranty on optics and mechanics, and a ton more. Seiler has a long history in the microscope business and they now have a microscope that offers dentists high-quality microscopy without putting a strain on their budgets.

Yep, I think my dentist friends have found the dental microscope they’re looking for.

Seiler will be at the American Dental Association Meeting in Denver from October 20 to 22. You can visit them and see the Alpha Air Scope in action at booth 3800. Or click here to schedule a demo today.

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