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Chairside Oral Appliance Fabrication…Think Again


Have you ever considered, and dismissed, the idea of fabricating oral appliances (nightguards, bleaching trays, mouthguards, retainers) in your office? The numbers from Dentsply Raintree Essix might make you rethink that change of heart.

For example, did you know that the average lab fee per appliance (removable, one arch) is around $63? If you do 120 appliances in a year, that’s over $7000 you’re spending. Now, consider investing in TekFit Custom Appliance Fabrication, which includes a Drufomat Scan Pressure Thermoforming Machine as well as materials that combine Dreve and Essix Plastics. You’ll pay $4000 to purchase the Drufomat and an average cost for materials will be about $8 per appliance, so that's $960 for 120 appliances. You’re saving roughly $2,200 in the first year. Of course, those savings add up over time and as you do more appliances.

To help you get the word out about this new service you’re offering you patients, The TekFit Appliance Fabrication start kit comes with all the marketing tools you need.


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