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Changing of the Guard

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Spring is here and along with the nice weather comes outdoor sports.  Encourage parents to protect their child’s teeth from traumatic injury by having them wear a mouth guard!  Share these helpful tips on how to reduce sports-related and playground injuries for adults and children, as reported in “The Tri-Cities Now”. 

Click here to read how high tech mouth guards can sense impacts that may lead to concussions.

And what do you do with a stinky mouth guard?  Two New York teenagers have invented a product called Fresh-Fixx, which cleans athletes' mouth guards and provides a flavor and energy boost from a vitamin blend.  Taylor Quinton, 16, of Pittsford, and Max Breit, 15, of Rochester, founded the company called Fresh-Fixx and will advance to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy Saunders Scholars Northeast Regional College Scholarship competition in May.  Click here to read the article in “Democrat & Chronicle”. 

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