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Why I Use CAD/CAM Block Locker from Zirc Dental


Why I Use... CAD/CAM Block Locker

Sleek, modern organization system provides a convenient way to store and manage CAD/CAM milling blocks and accessories

Dr. Michael Skramstad believes that the CAD/CAM Block Locker from Zirc:

• Increases accessibility and improves organization of milling blocks and accessories.

• Provides a professional platform to present and discuss same-day restorations.

CAD/CAM Block Locker for Dental Office Organization I have been using CEREC and other CAD/CAM technologies in my Orono, MN, practice since 2003. Between then and now, many new restorative materials and CAD/CAM milling blocks have hit the market. What was once just a couple manufacturers is now a collection of companies offering a variety of block materials. This makes it critical to choose restorative products wisely, organize your inventory, and have the blocks easily accessible for your staff.

Our office currently uses the large-sized CAD/CAM Block Locker from Zirc, which includes 12 Internal Organizers and Block Dividers. With 4 dentists in the office using a variety of materials to create restorations, the larger size was a necessary and worthwhile investment because it holds up to 576 individual blocks—plus we can use customization tags to sort blocks by shade and translucency. As our practice grows and our inventory expands, we will likely need to add another Block Locker.

After trying many different organization systems over the years and finding each insufficient in some way, Zirc’s CAD/CAM Block Locker is the clear winner. Having our block inventory separated by type and shade has not only enabled staff to more easily manage the inventory, it also has helped them locate the correct block faster during appointments. There’s nothing worse than realizing you do not have the right material or shade while your patient is waiting in the chair.

Store and Showcase

When planning a larger case, staff members can easily recognize if we have the required block in stock or if we need to put in an order. This has helped us keep better track of our inventory and adopt a more efficient treatment routine.

We have been offering same-day restorations for 16 years, so patients have come to expect efficient, high-quality service. While we communicate extensively about our CAD/CAM capabilities, the biggest benefit is having the CAD/CAM Block Locker located next to our milling units in an area where patients can see it. Its sleek and professional appearance allows us to show patients what we do and how we do it—which is often the ultimate push in case acceptance.

Michael Skramstad, DDS

Dr. Michael Skramstad grew up in Marshall, MN, and attended college at Purdue University. He went on to graduate from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2000. Currently, Dr. Skramstad performs all aspects of cosmetic, implant, and family dentistry with a particular focus on esthetic and CAD/CAM computerized dentistry. He is a resident faculty member at Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ, and the Dentsply Sirona Academy in Charlotte, NC, where he educates and trains thousands of CAD/CAM dentists every year. A product consultant for multiple dental companies, Dr. Skramstad has had the pleasure of testing and evaluating many products prior to market launch and has published numerous articles on dental materials and CAD/CAM.

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