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Desensitizing Zinging Teeth


Most people experience tooth sensitivity at some point in their lives. It can be a reaction to heat or cold. It can be triggered by tooth brushing. It may be the result of whitening (professional or on your own). It could be a consequence of gum recession. Either way, it’s not fun, especially if it’s not transient. A variety of approaches can be used to treat tooth sensitivity—and you probably know about all of them.

I just read about a product from SDI that provides instantaneous relief, which I didn’t know was possible. Riva Star, which was developed by three highly-regarded Australian dentists, contains silver, iodide, and fluoride. This combination can prevent hypersensitivity for up to 2 years, and while it’s doing that, its antimicrobial properties assist in the elimination of biofilm, inhibit biofilm formation, and may assist in the alleviation of caries.

According to a study conducted in New Zealand, Riva Star inhibits four bacterial species more than sodium hypochlorite can, including S. mutans and other endodontic pathogens. It also can be used as a cavity cleanser, and for pre-treating tooth surfaces before bonding glass ionomers. Additionally, its two-step application process minimizes tooth staining. Any chance it might clean my house, too?


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