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Did You Know That Secondhand Smoke Can Cause Cavities in Children?


We’ve all heard of the countless dangers of secondhand smoke. It can cause cancer, asthma attacks, respiratory infections, heart disease, and many other health complications, according to the CDC.  Now we can add increased risk of caries to that list of smoking hazards. If you smoke around your kids, you’re putting them at a higher risk for cavities.

A recent Japanese study published in The BMJ  found that exposure to secondhand smoke at 4 months of age is associated with an increased risk of caries in deciduous teeth.  In fact, those children were roughly twice as likely to have cavities as kids whose parents didn't smoke.

Interesting findings from the research:

  • - Exposure to secondhand smoke is widespread among children worldwide, at a rate of 40%, which is higher than any other age categories.
  • - Children with family members who smoked had significantly more decayed, missing, or filled teeth than those with no smokers in the family.
  • - The associations between secondhand smoke and risk of caries would support extending public health and clinical interventions to reduce secondhand smoke.
  • - Education on the harm of secondhand smoke might increase if dentists became aware of the risk of caries due to secondhand smoke.

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