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Don’t Get Bent out of Shape from "Loupe Neck"


SurgiTel Ergonomic Custom LoupesIf you spend lots of time looking down at your phone, you may be at risk for developing a stress injury called “text neck.” The injury is caused by extended periods of poor neck posture, and continues to grow as a health concern in the digital age, as it can cause permanent damage to the neck, back and even other areas of the body.

However, even if you aren’t addicted to your phone, you may find yourself in pain from a similar repeated stress injury—one that comes from wearing improperly designed loupes. Dentists, hygienists, surgeons and veterinarians are at risk of developing what SurgiTel calls “loupe neck,” which happens when improperly fitted loupes force you  to bend your head too far forward, increasing the weight on your cervical spine. In time, you can start suffering from chronic neck and back pain. In fact, even if you’re not in pain now, you can feel the effects of the poor posture today in five to 10 years.

However, loupes wearers do not need to resign themselves to a lifetime of pain. SurgiTel says you can prevent damage by wearing ergonomically correct loupes for your physical requirements, including your height and nose shape. When considering a pair of loupes, make sure that your head tilt while wearing the loupes is less than 25 degrees—some experts say that angle should be less than even 20 degrees. Loupes that require more of a tilt than this can strain your neck and back.

If you’re current loupes are causing too much head tilt, consider having them remade. If that’s not possible, consider SurgiTel’s MultiPoint ErgonomicsTM loupes, which are designed so that clinicians can sit comfortably upright and can keep their head tilt within a safe range. SurgiTel makes custom-fitted loupes for every physical feature so all users can find an ergonomic solution.

The loupes are just one of SurgiTel’s ergonomic products that help health care professionals work pain free.

For more information, or to try SurgiTel’s products in person, contact your local representative at

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