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DPS Evaluators Agree: G-ænial Universal Injectable Is Easy, Effective, and Esthetic


DPS Evaluators Agree: G-ænial Universal Injectable Is Easy, Effective, and Esthetic

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a high-strength, ultra-fine particle composite described by GC America as its “strongest direct restorative ever” and a

“game-changer” in the field of restorative dentistry. Last year, Dental Product Shopper put those claims to the test when it had several clinicians review the product.

According to GC America, the versatile material offers optimal physical and esthetic properties for all classes of restorations, I–V, and features an R&D-developed filler technology from GC called FSC, or Full-coverage Silane Coating. FSC imbues G-ænial Universal Injectable with long-term wear resistance and an ideal viscosity for perfect cavity floor adaptation while allowing the user to simultaneously build, shape, and contour the material during injection.

Ideal Handling, Placement, and Adaptation

Like New Jersey-based dentist Teresa DeStefano, DMD, most clinicians surveyed found that G-ænial Universal Injectable represented an endpoint in their

search for “an easy-to-use flowable composite with good flow and density.” Dr. DeStefano said the product has excellent flow and “adapts well to the inner margins of the prep.” Drs. Scott Chanin and Glen Willis echoed these sentiments, with the former calling it “an excellent product; easy to use and stays where you put it.” DPS evaluators also frequently mentioned the product’s lack of air bubbles or porosities, which, according to Dr. DeStefano, “is a problem with most flowables.” James Cavanaugh, DMD, similarly remarked that it left “margins [with] no voids” and served as an “effective base under larger restorations.”

Simple and Safe Delivery

Another helpful feature of G-ænial Universal Injectable is that it can be administered via an easy-to-extrude syringe and, now, disposable unitips. Dr. Willis mentioned that the innovative syringe design, with bendable tips for effortless extrusion and precise delivery, was the first thing he noticed about the product. In his words, the syringe is “very ergonomic” and “easier to dispense and maneuver” compared to other injectable composites.

GC also reports that the material produces no stringing or slumping, and will not stick to instrument tips. Several evaluators noted that the combination of this delivery method, the product’s handling, and the fact that it requires fewer steps than conventional composites amounted to it being a “time saver.” Since the evaluation took place, GC America has also introduced G-ænial Universal Injectable in single-use unitip doses. This new delivery system reportedly contributes to the already significant time and cost savings the product offers by facilitating restorations in both the posterior and anterior regions—a capability that separates G-ænial Universal Injectable from other composites on the market and eliminates the need for excess inventory. Perhaps most importantly, disposal between patients means that unitips greatly reduce the risk of cross-transmission and maximize infection prevention in the operatory.

Improved Versatility, Durability, and Esthetics

G-ænial Universal Injectable’s impressive physical and esthetic properties are well-suited to diverse restorative indications, including as a liner in deep restorations, a filler for abfraction areas, a sealant, and more. Evaluators confirmed this, with Dr. Jason Nguyen stating that he found the material particularly helpful “as a base layer and for margins of Class II restorations” while Dr. Paul Bookman explained that, thanks to G-ænial Universal Injectable’s versatility, he now only needs to stock one brand of flowable.

Dr. Nguyen was also surprised to discover how durable the material seemed after curing compared to other flowables—a result of its dense FSC filler composition. Dr. Bookman predicted that this would, like the manufacturer claims, lead to increased restoration longevity. Lastly, most reviewers disclosed that they were pleased with the final restoration’s polishability and overall esthetics—Dr. Pooja Saroha was quick to comment on the “beautiful” glossy finish and ultimately called G-ænial Universal Injectable “one of the best flowables on the market.”

A Winner Across the Board
Taking into account positive responses from all evaluators with regard to every metric—delivery, handling, adaptation, and esthetics—and their inclination to recommend the material to fellow clinicians, G-ænial Universal Injectable received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and the DPS Best Product award. Overall, the evaluation confirmed that G-ænial Universal Injectable is, indeed, a remarkable restorative—a versatile, easy-to-use composite that lets clinicians craft long-lasting, life-like restorations with minimal effort. GC’s recent introduction of unitip delivery broadens the product’s already sizeable range of applications while improving safety and convenience.
To learn more and order G-ænial Universal Injectable for your practice, visit GC America’s website.



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