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Ebola Vaccine Test Results Look Promising


The World Health Organization is releasing findings on an Ebola vaccine that could be a “game-changer.”  Preliminary test results indicate 100% protection against the deadly virus. 

The VSV-EBOV vaccine was started by the Public Health Agency of Canada and developed by Merck, BBC News reported. It combines a fragment of the Ebola virus with another safer virus, which together train the immune system to beat the virus. 

The trial ran between April and July in Guinea, where the largest Ebola outbreak in history began in December 2013. Close contacts of patients were either vaccinated immediately or 3 weeks later. The contacts who were vaccinated immediately experienced no subsequent cases of Ebola; however, 16 cases were reported among those vaccinated later. 

These findings further the argument for disease control and early intervention. It could also lead to peace of mind here in America, where the threat of Ebola still leads to health scares.

Interested in learning more about Ebola? Visit the American Dental Association’s Ebola Resources page, take a course on, or read another post on infection control.

Do you have your own professional experiences with infection control and disease prevention? Feel free to share with your peers in the comments below.

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