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Reduce Risk and Create Efficiency with Planmeca PlanMill 50 S


Reduce Risk and Create Efficiency with Planmeca PlanMill 50 S

Planmeca Planmill 50 S and softwareFor many dentists who were considering bringing a CAD/CAM system into the practice before the COVID-19 pandemic, the past year has been a convincing one that in-house milling is the way to go. That’s because chairside CAD/CAM allows the dental team to reduce risk while gaining more autonomy.

With same-day dentistry, the practice can cut back on the number of visits a patient needs to make, along with the emergency visits that come from failed temporaries. This is a huge benefit for patients concerned about repeated visits and exposure to others during a pandemic. An added bonus of in-house indirect restorations, the dentist doesn’t have to worry if their lab is closed because of quarantine or another COVID-19 issue.

Of course, there were plenty of benefits of CAD/CAM prior to the pandemic: a digital dentistry workflow can:

•Increase productivity for your practice
•Improve the accuracy of restorations and eliminate remakes
•Reduce patient visits and help with adherence to a treatment plan
•Provide a faster and more pleasant patient experience that increases referrals
•Allow for easy sharing of digital impressions and case details with labs and specialists

A CAD/CAM System That Tackles Anything

Planmeca Planmill and Emerald SWhile checking out your CAD/CAM options, a strong contender should be the new Planmeca FIT Plus, a full digital workflow comprised of the Planmeca PlanMill 50 S milling unit, the Planmeca PlanCAD Premium design software and the Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner.

The intuitively designed 5-axis milling unit can handle discs and blocks, and support both wet and dry materials to create high-quality restorations and prosthetics—even full-arch restorations. You can mill using a broad range of materials, such as zirconia, IPS e.max, glass ceramics, and temporary materials.

With the Planmeca PlanMill 50 S, you won’t feel like you’re on your own as you design and fabricate restorations. Companion software Planmeca PlanCAD Premium supports a wide range of CAD/CAM indications, such as crown and bridge designs, inlays, onlays, veneers, occlusal guards, dentures, and more. To customize the workflow, you can create preferences within the software for maximum efficiency or build onto your operation with additional capabilities and advanced tools.

While the Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner works seamlessly with the Planmeca FIT Plus system, Planmeca’s open architecture design allows you to easily import images from other sources, too.

Early Adopters Report Success

Clinicians who have tried the new system have quickly become fans. Dr. Wally Renne, associate professor in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation at the Medical University of South Carolina, said he appreciates the versatility of the software and its ability to integrate with the machine.

“Planmeca PlanCAD Premium is the most comprehensive digital restorative software available right now,” he said. “It covers everything from occlusal guards, complicated implant restorations, dentures, and even hybrid prosthetics. The software’s integration with the Planmeca Emerald S and the Planmeca PlanMill 50 S is phenomenal and allows for a seamless solution to integrate into any busy dental office.”

While the Planmeca FIT Plus comes as a full system, the elements also can be purchased separately.

Learn more about this CAD/CAM option here, or call 800-718-4598.

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