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EQUIA Forte System—A Go To for Bulk-Fill Cases


Improving upon its EQUIA line of glass hybrids, GC America’s EQUIA Forte system is a two-step approach that combines the bulk-fill, self-curing capabilities of EQUIA Forte Fil finished with a layer of the light-curable EQUIA Forte Coat component. The system offers reduced technique sensitivity as well as good retention and a consistent bond to dentin, enabling dentists to build strong, esthetic restorations, including stress-bearing Class II restorations, as well as Class Is and Class Vs. The system is ideal for high caries risk, pediatric, and geriatric patients because of its high fluoride release and wet field compatibility.

EQUIA Forte Fil is the next generation of EQUIA Fil. It has the handling characteristics and esthetics of EQUIA Fil, but an improved formulation that offers higher flexural strength, fluoride release, and wear- and acid-resistance. This hybrid formulation includes ultrafine, highly reactive glass particles, dispersed within the glass ionomer structure. The addition of a higher molecular weight polyacrylic acid creates a high strength restorative. EQUIA Forte has 20% higher flexural strength, 21% increased acid resistance, and 40% improved wear resistance than original EQUIA. Adding the EQUIA Forte Coat further increases wear resistance of the material. Combined, EQUIA Forte Fil and EQUIA Forte Coat result in physical properties close to dentin that will reinforce the remaining tooth structure. EQUIA Forte Fil does not cause hypersensitivity because the protocol includes conditioning preparations rather than etching them, which leaves the dentinal tubules undisturbed.

Other EQUIA Forte system attributes include:

•             Bulk-fill restorative with an unlimited depth of cure
•             Multiple indications
•             Easy and quick to use
•             Virtually no postoperative sensitivity
•             Non-sticky and packable
•             No polymerization shrinkage or shrinkage stress
•             Optimal marginal seal that offers long-term resistance to microleakage and discoloration
•             High fluoride release at tooth/restorative interface with recharge capability
•             Outstanding resistance to wear and acid erosion
•             High translucency and radiopacity
•             Available in 8 shades for matching esthetics
•             Works in moist environments, no need to isolate tooth
•             Recent clinical study – successful treatment for molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH)

With GC America’s 30 years of experience in glass ionomer technology, EQUIA Forte builds on the proven clinical performance of the original EQUIA system and provides an esthetic, high-strength alternative to amalgam, composites, and compomers. EQUIA Forte Fil is available in a box of 48 capsules, and EQUIA Forte Coat is available in a 4 mL bottle, and new 50-unit dose packs (0.1 mL each).

For more information, and to download the product brochure and technique guide, visit GC America.

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