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EXACTA Trays: 10 Million Impressions and Counting


EXACTA Trays: 10 Million Impressions and Counting

Exacta Dental Impression TraysNot many impression trays can tout that number…10 million impressions. Or the fact that 100% of evaluators who participated in an independent evaluation would recommend the trays to other dentists. But both of those things are true of EXACTA impression trays [JC1] from EXACTA Dental Direct[JC2] .

EXACTA trays were developed 23 years ago and haven’t been changed since, testifying to the fact that the trays’ creators got it right the first time. The 3-in-1 disposable trays are engineered with a patented nylon composite that’s four times more rigid than plastic, and the extra-wide occlusal plane design prevents distortion so you don’t have to remake impressions.

The trays (available in 5 sizes: Posterior, Quadrant, Anterior, Sideless, and Full Arch) also were designed to make impression-taking easier for clinicians. The ergonomic handle makes it easier for you to load, insert, and remove the tray.

A tried and true product like this should capture every dentists’ attention. Its original design has stood the test of time, your colleagues recommend it, and it’s been successfully used millions of time.



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