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Exceptional Ergonomics for the RDH from Dentsply Midwest


Wrist fatigue can have a significant impact on the career longevity for the hygienist, not to mention good day versus bad day. It is estimated the prevalence of hygienists suffering from hand and wrist pain is as high as 69.5%. Cordless handpieces, like the Midwest RDH Freedom are designed to reduce the wrist fatigue exacerbated by manipulating and accommodating the weight of an attached cord.

The advantages of the RDH Freedom cordless prophy system include lighter weight, neutral hand position, and less restricted access to posterior areas (because the cord isn’t holding you back). The battery is designed to last all day, but can be quickly recharged after long appointments. As you would expect, it has a low-pressure start that reduces splatter, protecting the dental hygienist and patient from spray, and it is autoclavable.


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